A selection of fiction and non-fiction:

The Search for the Seventh DoorAlaska Quarterly Review

An essay on identity, doubles, a forgotten Moroccan pilot, a lost movie, and tea and Wittgenstein with a legendary étoile dancer.

Post-RevolutionThe Smart Set

An essay on love in the Arab Spring, Marrakesh, William Burroughs, auto-pilot, and the difficulty of revolution, political or personal, in our culture of isolation and control.

The Amazing Aviatrix of Wartime CasablancaNarratively

A daring teenage girl defies authority to become Morocco’s first female pilot and the hero of a young nation—then the victim of an assassination still shrouded in mystery.

The Knight of Infinite ResignationThe Threepenny Review

A young man embarks on a forbidden love story in Tangier and comes of age.