In a Lonely Place on 08-04-2019

Back to Riggs, the ghost in the fedora haunting Britt from the background curtains. After her horse Thumper (his ear visible to the right of Bogie’s head) kicked him in the head and killed him, Riggs went blank for a few days. He can’t remember his own funeral, which is annoying. He wonders if he got a crowd, but tries not to think about it too much. And then suddenly he was haunting Britt, following her everywhere. And then one day mini-Riggs appeared in his mini-fedora and started haunting Riggs. Mini-Riggs doesn’t talk, or at least Riggs can’t hear him. He just haunts, hard and inscrutable. Is he Riggs as a boy? The core of Riggs, whatever that means? Riggs wonders, and wishes he could talk to someone about it, but nobody can hear him either. Sometimes he wonders whether mini-Riggs is the real Riggs, and he’s just the ghost of a ghost, a bloated reflection. Those are the bad days. He hasn’t gotten accustomed to the fact that from here on out, it’s all one long day. ⠀